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Writers, Filmmakers, Actors, etc.
Producing, Co-Productions, Production Support, etc. 
Full service, Concept to Distribution, Virginia Production Support, etc.


With over 20 years of experience in producing, Sara Elizabeth started her company to inspire audiences. Now in addition to producing quality films, she is dedicated to inspiring filmmakers to follow their passion, realize their full potential, and help make their creative visions a reality.


  • EXPERIENCE: First hand experience in all areas of film from Development, Fundraising and Creative, to Line Producing, Post, Distribution and Marketing; and productions on both coasts.

  • EMPOWERMENT: Consulting is more than just guidance & knowledge but must also spark inspiration and motivation to empower filmmakers to go out and make it happen.

  • STRENGTHS: Thinking outside of the box, keeping costs low and quality high, attaching award winning talent/securing distribution deals for every film to date.


From Raising Money to Distribution/Marketing, from Creating Investor Decks to Keeping Cost Low but the Quality High, we have you covered!  Check out all of our Masterclasses On-Demand.


Everything you need to start pitching investors! No need to spend months trying to figure it out. Investor strategy, waterfall, legal documents, financial proformas and more.


Work with Sara Elizabeth one on one to get you on your way to making your film a reality.  Consulting can be a one off or purchased in packages for ongoing support & guidance along the way.



  • Creating Pitch Decks that Convert
  • Script development
  • Business structure & materials
  • Investment structure & materials
  • Pitching
  • Budgeting
  • Raising money
  • Stretching the low budget dollar
  • And more...


  • Producer & Line Producer services
  • Concept through Distribution
  • Producing
  • Field Services
  • Managing Budget
  • Utilizing Resources
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • And more...


  • Finding & working with distributors
  • Attracting distributors and audiences
  • Distribution Strategy
  • The distribution deal
  • Grass Roots distribution
  • Navigating film festivals
  • And more...


  • Creating & Building your Business
  • Branding
  • Building a company versus making one film
  • Staying motivated, sane and on track
  • And more...

"Whether it’s her insight into the script as a whole, introducing an idea to add flavor or depth to a scene or character, or just asking questions to help me address conflicts I am struggling with, my writing and story structure has greatly improved since having her as my consultant... Sara is my secret weapon and truly priceless in my book!"

Roxanne Marchand: Writer, Director 


"I consulted with Sara Timmins to develop a PPM and Operating Agreement for my feature... I was impressed by her depth of knowledge... making sure that the documents and spreadsheets she delivered were to my satisfaction, and she did it all with a pleasant attitude. I have come to regard Sara as a true ally of my project, she is someone I feel confident going back to for advice/help."

Swati Srivastava: Writer-Director

Tired and Beatup Productions LLC.


"Sara Elizabeth has a heart and a passion for story...  Because of her extensive experience as a producer, she knows what is "shootable" and coaches writers to be mindful of budget and practicality while not compromising story. From concept to completion-- production to opening night screenings, Sara Elizabeth is an asset and often the driving force in getting a project done."

Rebecca Rogers Nelson: Screenwriter, Producer 

(Beautiful Feet Productions)


"Sara is AMAZING at what she does... consulting producers that are project passionate, while steering their focus in the right direction... Sara delivered what she thought the project needed in less than an hour, and the pitch went as smooth as ever. The show has been picked up my a major cable network, and I'm truly grateful for Sara's gift!"

Essence Wallace-Odomes

(The Chosen Productions)

"Sara coached my team in preparation for a film pitch event... Sara got us fully prepared for the 1-1 meetings and formal pitch. She prepared thoroughly for our weekly calls, providing materials and helping to develop our story and formal pitch. We felt extremely confident in presenting our series in front of an established film audience, and we would love to work with Sara again."

Alysse Campbell: Myriad Media


"Sara offered very detailed and insightful information that improved my pitch package dramatically. She genuinely cares about helping others succeed; and her enthusiasm and encouragement is a constant!"

Janice Jensen: Producer


"Sara is an extremely successful and established producer and filmmaker who gave a brilliant talk for WIFV and has consulted with me and number of WIFV members on our films (each time with, frankly, life changing advice - I do not use hyperbole so that is genuine feedback from everyone I know who has worked with her)"

Mikail Chowdhury

"Sara Elizabeth was an incredible resource during the development phase of our film project. She provided in depth research and productive insight into our pitch deck while delivering our prospectus, financial documents and operating agreement in full. She was very collaborative as we brainstormed strategic and creative avenues for our film's platform. I appreciated her detailed approach to help us bring our film to life."

Heather Breslin: Producer

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